My Story

Being an acupuncturist was never something I dreamed of, and it was quite by chance that I came to it at all.  Born on the edge of what was then the luxury of Detroit and raised in the beauty of southwestern Kentucky I came to my love of nature in the classic way.  Six kids and a too small house my mother’s immutable cry “Kids get outside and play!”, and so we did. Though we lived near a big city my siblings and I were fortunate enough to have access to a big yard, a vast quarry, and many nearby farm fields, into which, I am sure in hindsight, we were sneaking.  After moving to Kentucky when I was 11, I was hooked. We moved to a 100 acre property filled with barns, ponds, and all manner of unused houses….smoke, chicken, sharecropper. There was more to explore and more adventure to be had than I ever imagined possible. When I became a young teen my mother bought me a quarter horse and the deal was sealed: I was an official lover of all things natural. Suzy, my horse, and I would explore the land daily on our own for hours at a time. Between her and the landscape I felt more at home than I ever had inside any set of four walls.  Little did I know that this childhood enterprise was preparing me for my eventual profession. Little did I know that nature, quite unexpectedly, had become my teacher.

Fast forward to Maine where I landed after graduating from college. While making every mutable effort to envision my future as a doctor, a social worker, or a priest, I was happily living with a delightful man who was the local dentist. I was acting as his office manager in the huge farmhouse he had renovated for our home and his practice. While chatting with his patients between appointments I began to hear about the care they were receiving from a local acupuncturist and the results they were experiencing. Although I had never heard of acupuncture before this, I decided to see her myself. Plagued by migraines since my late teens, and determined not to suffer such chronic symptoms permanently, I set up my first appointment. By the third treatment I had experienced my last migraine and the rest, as they say, is now my history!

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