"It is such a thrill to see the light of understanding this medicine turn on in a student. This is the jewel that returns me to the classroom year after year. Being in the life of a student consistently improves and informs who I am in the treatment room. And that is an abiding virtue one should never live without"

Kathleen Robinson L.AC.

Kathleen had the honor of studying directly under Dr's, JR and Judy Worsley in W.I.C.A I while in Leamington Spa, England. Wanting to broaden the teaching of Five Element Acupuncture, Dr's JR and Judy Worsley opened the second only Five Element Acupuncture school in America, in Miami Lakes, FL in January of 1990.

Kathleen has been a faculty member at the Institute of Taoist Education & Acupuncture (I.T.E.A) in Louisville, Colorado since 1992. She has taught all levels of classes, written and taught her own curriculum, and supervised students in the school clinic.

Five Element Acupuncture changed the course of her life. She has been treated regularly for decades and enjoys a level of health and well being, because of this beneficial natural medicine. Wouldn't you like to feel the same?

Being called to practice Five Element acupuncture nearly 30 years ago has been one of the highlights of her life. She has worked with thousands of patients, and witnessed the many changes incurred through treatment. She continues to learn more and more through her exchange with patients and concurrently deepen her love of nature and the medicine in which it is rooted.

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